The "Vitba" candy factory is the leader of the dry breakfast market in Belarus and is one of the most important companies in the Republic to produce flour confectionery products (the top five confectionery manufacturers in the Republic of Belarus). The "Vitba" candy factory is the main company of two production branches: Polotsk and Orsha districts.  Our Mission Our Value has four points. Firstly,it is that customer's trust in us! As a leader in the dry breakfast and waffle category, Vitba is deeply loved by consumers in the Belarus market. This is our pride.
Secondly, it is that we invent new food tastes and shapes to meet our loyal customers.
Thirdly, the best equipment and innovative technology enable us to be in a leadership position for many years. After all, the brand "Vitba" has been on the market for more than 25 years!
At last, using the best European equipment, we guarantee the highest quality. This is one of the priorities in our values, because reputation is something we value.
Telephone: +86-531-81958190
Address: A3-5-23, Hangu Valley, Gaoxin District